Hacking the system has become common

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The internet has gained importance and it has become the most used network activity. Using the internet people use the social websites such as WhatsApp, facebook, twitter and so on. Many people use these websites in order to keep their contacts and they maintain their friendship. But there are certain persons who are using the internet in the wrong way. There are persons who attack the internet activities through cyber-attack. These persons hack the websites used by others and then they take the details of the person who is handling the account. It may be in any of the social websites. They can also misuse their account in many ways. Such as they can handle their accounts and post or send messages to their friends and relatives. They can get their friends and relatives numbers and so on.

Cyber Security

Using their accounts they start getting their details photos and other related things. They use this crime to target the end users in order to make money. They threaten the concerned person and they try to get money from them. Sometimes these hackers use this details in a very worse way so that they have created a great impact on a user’s life. In order to avoid the cyber-attack, the person can use the cyber-security system on their computer or laptop in whichever they use their social website accounts. They must use the multi-layered approach in their system. The security will be of different layers and this is the best way to avoid the cyber-attack. This multi-layered security consists of physical security, network security, application security and device security. Among this, the physical security is the most important layer as the users lock the system using the port block-outs, key cards and so on. The network security should be equipped with the prevention systems and general networking switches. Then computer hardening is well-known software which can be used in the system to avoid virus attacking and closing unnecessary ports. The application security is very good in security practices. This will lock down the access when they feel the process is critical and it may affect the system.

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