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Dropbox is a service that hosts files and was brought to us by a company that is sited in the United States of America. The company is known as Dropbox Inc. to anyone that stores personal photos and media in dropbox, they would tell you that this is one of the best services that is there in the online platform. Despite the storing of personal files, the trend has gotten its way to the company level and this has led to a number of tragedies that we are going to outline below. This has led to it finding its path to the list of the banned apps as it has led to a number of companies being vulnerable in some conditions. Her are just some of the most popular reasons why you should avoid the constant use of dropbox in all your endeavours. Here are some of the disadvantages of using Dropbox.

It does not give the IT people control of the data

In the company level, there are some documents that one might share. Once this is done, the IT people are blinded and cannot get the access to know who might have had any link to the leaked data. If one or more person loses any gadget that they may have accessed the Dropbox files, they are also not capable to wipe off the data to avoid many eyes getting to see the data in topic. Since data is synced to the dropbox they can’t get to know who might have synced the data.

Encryption of data is not all that good

When syncing your data there are two main factors that lead you to do this one is the access at a later time and also the security of the data. Data that is stored in Dropbox is not all that safe since encryption is just but limited to some. This leaves a lot of room for others to access it as it is stored in a public memory next to data from million other people’s data.

You cannot set sharing security to the subfolders in the Dropbox

When sharing the data in Dropbox, you might want to exclude some subfolders in the whole data. This is quite unable to do while using Dropbox. As a result you have to treat each as a folder on its own and give different commands to all the folders which is quite exhausting.

Inability to share web links that are password protected

Sometimes you may want to share media that is in a website but the only people that may open it are those that possess a password that you will have set. Dropbox does not grant one the ability to do this.

Since the app is quite easy to use you may not be able to discourage people to do stop using it. The best mode that one should do is to come up with a better app that does the same but overcomes the shortcomings of the Dropbox.