Why Symantec Backup Exec?

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This is a type of data protection product that offers security from small to extended businesses by facilitating duplication of the original data. In case of loss of data, the Back up execution contacts the hosts of particular servers creating a prototype of the original data from both the physical and virtual storage environments and has since been viewed as one of the most lucrative data protection spectrum due to its ability to restore file from server down to file level. Symantec is a company that is owned and run by the Symantec corporation and whose success is traced way back in September of 2005 after merging with Veritas. The appropriateness of symantec can be argued under the following lines:

Ease of Installation

Symantec comes with flexible choices that allows it to be installed the PC, virtual environment or better still the cloud. It supports installation of backup exec server on the 64-bits of operating system while its windows agent is designed for the 32-bit operating system. Upon installation, environment check is always bound to run automatically and should there be an error, a warning will always appear. The installation wizard is always there to act as a guide while the push-install exec embedded on a shared drive fosters remote access to other computers. The command line prompt uses the Setup.exe on the installation media. Product’s such as Symantec live update, Microsoft SQL Express and the Microsoft NET Framework forms part of the added features during installation.


Symantec offers a systemic full back up support, synthetic, differential and both incremental backup methods. It also offers integrated file opening and in case of the Vmware and the Hyper-V, images are used as backups. Backup is guaranteed to both the physical and the virtual data regardless of location.

Data Recovery

Symantec employs use of catalogs in restoration of data or VMs directly from the depot prior to staging and mounting irregardless of hardware compatibility. Restoration of data is made possible through easy use of system image, an inbuilt indexing mechanism that allows for file restorations during search using the simplified disaster recovery methodology.

Cloud support.

The symantec cloud connector that can fit both in the physical space or the cloud, supports S3 devices and with disk to cloud or the direct-to-cloud ability which supports act as backup buffers on the cloud.

Data Duplication

Copy of data is left for both the server and the client. This is possible for both the Linux and the windows operating systems. The data which usually is in block-level supports duplication of data from MMB/MBE to CAS/CAS or from CAS/CAS to MMS/MBE

Security and Data Encryption

Symantec coordinates both hardware, software and database encryption. The administrator controls the Backup Exec by delegating duties to Backup Exec servers. It also monitors all the activities carried out by the CAS while balancing data from different servers. Other benefits of symantec include; plug in and MSCOM (Microsoft System Center Operations Manager) management, language packs and the command line interface.

Media and Heterogeneous Support.

Supports both the automatic and tape drives. The tape support is usually broad. It can also work in a wide range of platforms.