Why use a Storage Area Network?

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Storage area networks have risen to prominence in the recent years. SAN is a specific way of interconnecting the large number of hard drives and presents them as the block level data on the computers with network. SANs have become cost effective over years and their quality has been enhanced too. There are several reasons that should lure anyone to use storage area network. It takes care of all your storage needs and the performance of storage area network is excellent. The storage has become obsolete as SAN is perfectly designed for your future storage needs. This article explores some of the reasons you should shift to the storage area network.

The performance of storage area network is not influenced by the local disk throughput or Ethernet traffic. The data transmitted between SAN is contained on the private network which is not a portion of other traffics. The other reason you should opt for SAN is due to its scalability which allows you to attach a large number of disks to the system. It can allow hundreds of disks while your server has a limit of about twelve. SAN also allows for the data isolation which ensures that your data is not copied or shared with any other person you share the SAN with. Your data is only viewed by you and not even the administrators can see them. The zoning of the SANs ensure that the accessibility to your data is limited and authorized by you.

SAN provides one hundred percent storage and there is no need for reboots when adding or replacing disks. Data streaming between SANs from data recovery and backup enhances performance by overtaking server systems. Zoning of the SAN helps separate your different workloads. Zoning further, guarantees security for you data and prevents them from workloads that are not related which might affect the performance of your application. The other advantage of SAN is its long distance coverage as it can connect for up to ten kilometers. The SAN is also bootable allowing you to easily boot directly for operating system, swap space and other applications.

Storage area network provides centralized management. There are several available software management tools available with SAN vendors which help manage mixed environment with much ease. The different SAN environments can also be managed centrally from just one interface. SAN provides perfect data recovery technology that is certainly out of this world. It allows you to recover your data in the event of disaster in a short period of time. The data recovery process is fast and reliable giving you value for you money.

The above mentioned reasons explain why you should consider using the storage area network. There are several network storage connectivity but all have come short of the SAN whose impeccable feature makes it the best and must use storage connectivity.